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Super Board 2 Sides Metal...

Age: 3-6 years. Size: 47x36cm. Contents: 1 blackboard, 36 capital letters, 27 numbers and signs, 1 felt-tip pen, 1 eraser and 3 chalks. Large-sized blackboard. Allows you to write and draw with the felt-tip pen on the white side, or with chalk on the blue side. Either side can be used for magnetic letters and numbers. The pen is easy to clean with the built-in eraser or with a cloth. For horizontal or vertical use.
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Activity 123 ABC

Age: 3-6 years. Contents: 27 letters, 10 numbers, 10 strings and 2 booklets. Discovering letters and numbers is fun with these games. The cards guide the children through the sewing process and present associations that help them to understand each letter.
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Euro Shopping

Age: 5-9 years. Contents: 24 coins, 14 banknotes, 18 cards and 1 booklet. Sets consisting of 18 activities and an assortment of plastic notes and coins for: visual discrimination and selection according to precise criteria. Visual recognition of the elements that make up the coin. Association of known coins with their coded writing. Comparison of quantities using numerical procedures.
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Activity Clock

Age: 3-6 years. Contents: 1 clock and 12 cardboard activity cards. To understand the evolution of time and to understand the hours. With clear, easy-to-read numbers. Transparent plastic-covered dial divided into hours and minutes. Hands in different colours, operated by a wheel on the top. Very good quality. Accompanied by cards that relate daily activities with their times, and others to do exercises to make the concept of time more comprehensible. The hands move by turning the wheel.
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Emotions Buddy

Age: 18 months - 4 years. Size: 39cm. Contents: felt pieces with interchangeable faces and a removable heart-shaped light module. Cuddly toy that helps children to identify emotions, the first step towards understanding, expressing and verbalising them. Ideal for working on emotions from an early age, and teaching them to express themselves, to feel listened to and to develop self-esteem. The light module enriches the play experience by allowing children to associate each colour with an emotion.
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Monster Tellings oft book

Age: 1-3 years. Size: 27,3cm. Soft, multi-sensory book with drawings and movable elements designed to help encourage good habits in children. It includes three stories that deal in a fun and stimulating way with three milestones in a child's development, such as leaving the nappy behind, learning to sleep on their own or washing their hands.
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Necklaces Treasure

Age: 3-6 years. Size: 18cm. Contents: Soft pirate chest, 32 pieces to string, 4 cotton cords in different colours and 6 inspirational cards. Pirate chest full of treasures, which helps to promote fine motor skills, imagination and creativity from an early age. Inside, it contains 32 large pieces of different types (jewels, feathers, pirate coins and skulls) and 4 cotton cords to make necklaces. It also includes 3 cards with 6 inspirational models.
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Fractions Set

Age: 7-9 years. Ø10cm. Contents: 60 pieces and 1 teaching guide. Learning fractions is fun and entertaining. Through an everyday situation for the child described in the illustrated booklet that accompanies this set and supported by the plastic pieces that illustrate each concept in practice, the world of fractions is made assimilable and perfectly understandable.
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