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Frootimals Melany Melephant...

Silicone. BPA free. Size: 11x14.6x11cm. With the Melany Melephant learning cup, your baby will be very well accompanied in his adventure of learning to drink on his own with an adult cup. This cup with handles is ideal for their early development. Baby will chew on the soft silicone base to get the water out and learn to sip like an older child. Also, if you put the cup with the silicone in the freezer, it will help to soothe his gums when his teeth come in.

Frootimals Melany Melephant...

Size: 14,7x26x10cm. If your baby gets restless when it's time to go to sleep and you find it hard to calm him down, we bring you the solution. This Melany Melephant plush doudou will soothe your little one and will help him to start sleeping on his own. It will become his best friend thanks to its soft and cosy touch. This fantastic doudou is completely BPA free.

Frootimals Melany Melephant...

Size: 12,7x21,2x7,1cm. Replaceable soother. Melany Melephant is the ideal sleep companion for your baby. This cuddly toy with dummy is ideal for your little one to be in peace and calm when going to sleep and to begin to detach at night. The dummy is interchangeable, so you can put the one you like best. It has a soft and pleasant touch that will comfort him during his learning process.


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