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Disney The Aristocats Marie...

Compact design. 3W RMS. Built-in 300 mAh battery. Built-in microphone for phone calls. Memory card input. MP3 player. Built-in FM radio. Aluminium casing. LED light indicates functions, incoming calls, etc. Music playback up to 2.5 hours. Talk time approx. 4.5 hours. Standby time: up to 20 hours. All products are REACH, ROHS and CE certified.

Naruto Akatsuki universal...

Gaming headset. Compatible with all current consoles and PCs. With its 40 mm diaphragm and a headphone frequency of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, fully immerse yourself in the game. Comfort: Designed for optimal comfort, this headset has thick ear and rim cushions for comfort and isolation at all times. Accessibility: This headset has a flexible microphone that can be tilted up and down up to 45 degrees. The headset connects directly to your console or PC controllers via jack (adapter included) and benefits from a quality braided cable. Sound control is performed directly at the remote control on the cable.

Rainbow High dyeing bag and...

Recommended age: +10 years. A set to dye your own Rainbow High bag and toiletry bag using the knotting technique. Style your bag and toiletry bag with this fabulous Rainbow High dyeing set. This set provides everything you need to create a stylish dyed bag and case using the knotting technique. With this set youll get hours of creative fun and when youre finished, you can take your fabulous new accessories with you wherever you go. Contains: 1 Rainbow High fabric bag, 1 toiletry bag, 3 dye pots, 1 bag of sodium carbonate, 20 rubber bands.

Spanish Super Mario Bros La...

Spanish version. With the Monopoly board game based on The Super Mario Bros. movie, fans can explore the Mushroom Kingdom as they buy, sell and trade locations from the Super Mario universe. Enjoy the design, characters and themes inspired by the iconic Mario movie. Gold coins replace Monopoly money in this game. The player who collects the most coins wins. You win even more by owning properties of the same colour. But watch out for Bowser, as he can trade properties, steal coins and send players to jail. Discover the shortcuts of the Teleport Pipes and make or break coins with Coin Blocks and Piranha Plants. Super Mario games are exciting gifts for boys, girls, gamers and Mario and Monopoly fans aged 8 and up.

Spanish Monopoly BID game

Includes: 110 cards and game guide. Monopoly Bid is a game of chance, luck and strategy, in which players bid in blind auctions. Action cards offer advantages to the player hosting the auction. Steal property from other players, steal extra money cards and collect sets faster.


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