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Wizarding World Harry...

Size: 12,7x6,35x30,48cm. Recommended age: 5+ years. The adorable facial details, lightning scar and five points of articulation bring the lovable Harry Potter to life. Harry wears his Hogwarts uniform with a Gryffindor jumper and has removable shoes and glasses, as well as a wand to add to your in-game stories. Articulate Harry however you like as you recreate your favourite Harry Potter scenes or create new stories. Wave his arms and pretend to cast iconic spells like Expelliarmus. The 20.3cm Harry Potter dolls are the perfect way to inspire your imagination with the magic of the Wizarding World through fun and exciting pretend play.

Harry Potter Flying car +...

Age: 6+ years old. Relive one of the most important moments from the film with Harry and Ron's flying car set. This collectible set includes Harry Potter and Ron Weasley dolls and a replica of the iconic Ford Anglia car from the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Perfect for display or play, the flying car is a faithful reproduction of the original, with realistic rust spots, opening doors and seats for the two dolls. The Harry Potter and Ron Weasley dolls are identical to their big screen characters and are articulated for endless poses. With packaging inspired by a fan-favourite moment from the film.

Wizarding World Harry...

Size: 22,86x13,34x22,86cm. Recommended age: 5+ years. With an exclusive 7.6cm Harry Potter figure and three themed accessories, young wizards, witches and muggles can recreate their favourite Harry Potter scenes with this fun set. With his copy of the Half-Blood Prince's Advanced Potion Making book, Harry can brew potions like Felix Felicis in the bubbling cauldron. Articulate the Magical Minis figure and light the cauldron's flames by moving Harry over the activation point. The flames will rise and the cauldron will magically open.

Blister 4 figures Bitty POP...

Size: 2,2cm. Your favourite Pops! have been shrunk into Bitty Pops! Expand your collection with this assortment of Bitty Pop! figures featuring your most beloved cartoon characters! Each 4-pack comes with one rare or hyper rare mystery Bitty Pop! to complete the series. Bitty Pops! are packaged in hard acrylic cases with detachable bottom lids. Detachable bottom lids double as acrylic bases, to which the Bitty Pop! figures are adhered.

Wizarding World Harry...

Size: 7,6cm. Articulated figure. This Harry Potter gift set includes two collectible figures. Plus Hedwig and an envelope so you can play make up lots of stories. Harry and Cho are articulated and detailed, bringing these beloved characters to life. These dolls, wearing their Hogwarts uniforms and holding their wands, are articulated and you can move their arms to cast spells and recreate your adventures. Help Hedwig deliver an important letter for Harry with the envelope. The Magical Minis Friendship Set is the perfect way to inspire your imagination through fun and exciting pretend play.

Wizarding World Harry...

Size: 6,35x6,35x30,48cm. This authentic 30.5cm replica of Harry Potter's wand has a weighted base for easy handling. It's the perfect accessory for your Wizarding World adventures. Practice the wand movements on the card to learn the Aguamenti spell. Each Spellbinding Wand has a different card with an iconic spell, such as Wingardium Leviosa, Incendio and many more.


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