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Spanish Pokemon Boltund V...

Spanish. Boltund V is capable of running without rest for three days and three nights, channelling electricity through its legs. Thanks to its versatile moves, this speedy Pokémon has the speed you need to unleash electrifying combos in your next game of JJC Pokémon. In addition to the two versions of Boltund V, in both playable and oversized cards, you'll find a holographic Wooloo promo card to keep it company, as well as plenty of additional treasures in the JJC Pokémon upgrade packs.

Spanish Marvel Villains...

Spanish. Each player has their own personalised villain deck, their own destiny deck, a unique board and a spectacular figure representing the protagonist. Each playable Marvel villain has a different goal to achieve to win: Loki needs to collect and spend ten Mischief, while Madame Masque needs to defeat eight Marvel heroes, and M.O.D.O.K. must activate the Cosmic Cube.

Spanish Pokemon Infernape V...

Spanish. Age: +6 years old. Turn up the heat with Infernape V's agility and strength! Keep throwing coins with its Meteor Punch attack, then set the battlefield on fire with its massive Living Flame! Spark passion and power with this Pokémon Flame celebration set. In this set, you'll find a playable card and an oversized Infernape V card, as well as an additional Empoleon card. Plus, you'll get a handful of Pokémon TCG booster packs to boost your decks and complete your collection. Contains: 1 Infernape V holographic promo card. 1 Empoleon holographic card. 1 large Infernape V holographic card. 4 Pokémon TCG upgrade packs. 1 Pokémon Online TCG or Pokémon Live TCG code card for use in the Pokémon Online TCG.

English Disney Nightmare...

Language: English. Age: +10 years old. Combine with your other Funkoverse strategy games. Stack the three figures together and take on the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters, or separate them and add them to your teams separately as companions. Includes three exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop! figures found only in this set - triple the fun! Use each figure as a separate companion or stack them all together as a playable character! New sidekick actions allow you to play pranks, scheme, and opponents! Power up your moves and leave your opponents in the lurch by uniting all three figures into a single character. figures into a single character.


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